September 20, 2007


In September, the boys built rockets in Scouts and shot them off in the desert. They designed and painted them.

Jordan getting ready to shoot off his rocket.

Noah shooting off his rocket.

We couldn't seem to get a good shot of it going off.

The boys loved chasing after the rockets as they started to fall back towards the ground.

Alien Boy

Jordan used this alien mask for his costume last Halloween. I thought Benjamin would be scared to death of it, but he was actually thrilled to put it on. We added extra effect by wrapping him in Noah's cloak from his costume. Just imagine a 3-foot tall person walking around looking like this. Once, he walked up behind Taylor to show him his new costume and it literally made him jump. The picture doesn't do it all justice. We all couldn't stop laughing when he would walk around the house like this.

September 19, 2007

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Jordan earned his Arrow of Light last night. This is the highest achievement in the Cub Scout program. We are especially proud of him because he is the first in our ward to earn the Compass Points Emblem and the youngest to earn the Arrow of Light.

Here there is someone doing a reading of the symbolism of the Arrow of Light. These four boys earned theirs tonight.

Part of the ceremony included painting different colors on the face. Crossing the bridge to Boy Scouts.

Jordan & very proud parents.

Jordan's face paint.

September 17, 2007

First Day of School

(For all those who have been a little overwhelmed by my massive postings lately, I'll try to calm it down a little bit. I just got on a little streak Sunday morning and did as much as time would allow.)

This picture shows so much of what everyone's thinking. Noah is just so glad to be back in school because he loves it. Hailey is thrilled too, but she still needs to give the model head tilt of hers. Ben just woke up, so he's just plain happy. Jordan is just mad. Mad at me for something that I don't even remember, but that's the norm lately. He's fake smiling here, but it's obvious even to the untrained eye that he doesn't want to take this picture right now.

September 16, 2007

Hanging Out at Mamoo & Dadoo's

The cousins posing in their own special ways. Bradley & Noah are so photogenic, don't you think?
Clara chasing after Benjamin.

I love this picture of Mom & Dad.

Benjamin & Clara playing with Spot.

Underwear Monsters!

The kids made up a game where they call themselves the "Underwear Monsters". They run around with their underwear all over their bodies trying to scare each other. Yes....the underwear is clean.

Sunblock Mishap

One afternoon, Noah went swimming with some friends. One of the moms asked him if he needed help putting sunblock on his back. He told her he could do it himself. Unfortunately, he didn't quite get his entire back. At least we can see that this sunblock works pretty well. You can see EXACTLY where he put it and where he didn't.

Stylin' Men

I love little boys in church outfits. Unfortunately, since we didn't have digital cameras in 1998, we had to wait until our pictures were developed to see what turned out. Since the camera shutter didn't work right, the picture looks cut off. I showed these pictures to Benjamin, and he thinks they are both of him.

Helping Mommy

Not only does Benjamin like to go outside and help Daddy in the yard, but he also helps Mommy inside.
Helping Mommy empty the dryer.

Kindergarten Graduation

Hailey (in the back row) performing their songs. My favorite was the alphabet song sung to "Who Let the Dogs Out?". They would sing "Who let the (insert letter here) out?" Then they would sound out the letter a few times. Everyone busted up laughing when they got to the letter "F". Imagine hearing...."Who let the F out? Fuh, Fuh Fuh Fuh."
Receiving her "diploma" from Principal Braeger. I let her wear her fancy dress to the ceremony.
Hailey was very proud that day.....more so to go to 1st grade a few weeks later.

I LOVE this picture.

September 10, 2007

Helping Daddy

After working outside in the heat, the boys needed a drink too cool them off. I was lucky to grab this shot before Ben noticed and hiked his shorts back up.

Trying to catch water in the air.

Benjamin figured out that holding his hand over the water showered everyone.

Of course every experience with Ben ends up providing some sort of naked picture.

September 1, 2007

California Trip

At the end of July, the kids and I went to California for a couple days for Charlie's baby blessing.

All of us after Charlie's blessing. (What's up with the kid in the center?)

Nora's brothers swung their niece and nephew around until they looked completely drunk when they tried to walk. It was hilarious.

My cute boys.

Noah loves all babies. He's such a natural at handling them too.

Grandpa checking out his new grandchild.

Hailey trying to interact with a sleeping baby.

What a cute little family!

Hailey and Audrey were glued at the hip.

Playing at the Beach

We took a break after the blessing to let the kids enjoy the beach before we headed back to Las Vegas.

Hailey thought the water was a little too cold to jump in.

Jordan, Noah & Bradley had no problem diving right into the water.

Hailey & Audrey ran around looking for shells.

Dad was obviously beat enough to crash in front of everyone.