September 1, 2007

California Trip

At the end of July, the kids and I went to California for a couple days for Charlie's baby blessing.

All of us after Charlie's blessing. (What's up with the kid in the center?)

Nora's brothers swung their niece and nephew around until they looked completely drunk when they tried to walk. It was hilarious.

My cute boys.

Noah loves all babies. He's such a natural at handling them too.

Grandpa checking out his new grandchild.

Hailey trying to interact with a sleeping baby.

What a cute little family!

Hailey and Audrey were glued at the hip.


the Koch's said...

That kid in middle of the big group picture is that same chubby kid that was literally eating the crumbs off the table before the food was even out there. He also took Bradley's rubik's cube and disappeared with it for a while. That's Nora's side of the family so apparently that's how they're raised in California.

Tom & Rachel said...

It took me a minute to find the "kid in the middle" and then when I found him I started cracking up! I also love Audrey's scowl. Seeing these pictures makes me wish we lived closer to everybody.

Ginger & Taylor said...

I knew who the kid was. I distinctly remember him because of his brunchtime antics. I couldn't believe he did that in the picture. I want to photoshop him out.
Yes, I figure that Californians are a different breed ;). Better watch Charlie closely because of that.

Ginger & Taylor said...

Hey Adam, do me a favor and change "the koch's" to something that tells which ones you are. I get confused when "the kochs" (Jacob & Shelley), "the kochs" (David & Amy), and "the kochs" (you & Nora) post. Totally throws me off.