November 4, 2008

Speaking of Feet.....

Those of you who see me often have seen my fantastic runway-style limp for the past year.  Also, you may notice that I'm rarely without my best friend, my black foot brace (see our header picture).   What you may not know is that this ever ongoing saga in my life ended in surgery.  My foot never seemed to heal correctly.  Insurance made it impossible to see my initial doctor until this past August.  He ended up trying several cortisone shots.  They worked to a point, but never really did the job.  Next step, cat-scan.  What do you know?  A larger break in my foot that they never noticed the first time.  The cat-scan showed that the broken bone never healed back into place, so it's been flopping around my foot this entire time.  No wonder I was still in pain!
So....on October 9th I had surgery to smooth the bigger bone off and drill/chip the broken piece out.  Oh what fun.  I understand when they say take it easy.  However, the guilt makes it so difficult to follow orders.  I ended up paying for it too.  Once I got back into the swing of things, I realized how behind I was, so that explains a lot of why blogging has been on the back burner for me.  On October 30th, exactly one year from the date of my fall, I had my stitches removed and I can actually walk without limping.  What a long year!
I do have to thank a ton of people who helped me out while I was sitting on my fanny.  Quint & Chelly (you guys don't know how much having you in town helped me and my sanity), David & Amy for taking Ben for a couple nights, my friends in the ward for giving my kids rides here and there, and especially my hubby for taking control of things around the house.
My foot a few days after surgery.  
Taylor thought it would be funny to write on my legs in the hospital.  The right calf said "Pain down here" with an arrow.  The left one said "Not this one the other one".  The writing you can see on my leg is my doctor's initials.   He said they always write on the body when there's two body parts involved.

November 3, 2008

I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

Doing my usual housecleaning brought out some severe nausea today.  Not because of the smell.....luckily puberty hasn't brought that one on yet.....but because I realized that I could not tell the difference between Jordan and Taylor's dress shoes as they sat on the the stairs.
Now, I have known for a long time that his feet were big.  My size 10 feet fill his shoes with room to spare.  However, reality didn't sink in fully until I saw these big boats sitting on the stairs.