November 10, 2010

Not Wanting to Brag....but.....

I vacillate between what a blog is for...whether it's for my own family's memories, or for information to share with others.  So stupid, but I really deliberated about this one.  Should I share something awesome, or should I just keep quiet.  I finally decided that my blog is essentially for my memories, so I'll do what I want to do dang it!!!  But as usual, I digress. 

Last week, a friend commented to me about Noah being in the school newsletter for a perfect test score.  I looked at her with curiosity because I had absolutely NO idea what she was talking about.  She told me that Noah was one of a few people who got a perfect score on the end of last year's CRT tests. What?!  Okay, I know Noah doesn't share a lot about school with me, but I at least thought he'd let me know about this!   (I'm guessing this is a mini version of SAT's?)  Actually, he ended up being only one of 2 people in the entire school!

I'm telling you, I couldn't be more proud.  Especially since good test taking abilities are DEFINITELY not hereditary in this family.

November 1, 2010

Crazy Weather

If there's one thing I know about Vegas, it's that Fall is the quickest season of all.  One second it's hot, the next you're needing a jacket.  This year has been no exception. 
Well into October, it was still sunny & warm.  Warm enough that Ben decided he wanted to whip out his swimsuit & run through the sprinklers.
Just a few days later, we started to get a lot of rain.  Jordan & Noah decided they wanted to walk over to McDonald's one afternoon. 
Not long after they left, it began to pour.  The lightning was everywhere.  The worrier mom in me decided I needed to go out to find them.  However, once they saw me they ran in the opposite direction.  They wanted to get as soaked as humanly possible I guess. 
It worked.
 Ben loves it when it rains.  When it started to really pour, he told me he needed to go get something.  When he came downstairs, he had our gun earmuffs on.  He told me the sound of the rain hitting the patio cover was too loud.