June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

When I was in Young Womens, we were asked to write a list of qualities that we want for the person we marry. I've kept this list in my journal since then.

Qualities I want for my eternal companion:

1) Believe in church
2) Active in gospel
3) Gentleman & treats me well
4) Treats me as equal
5) Compassionate
6) Testimony of gospel
7) Has same goals as me
8) Taller than me!
9) Loves children
10) Will accept me for who I am & loves me for it
11) Gentle
12) Will strive to keep our family together
13) Will take me to the temple
14) Expects me to be worthy and strives to be also
15) Wants to serve a mission
16) Will support me in all decisions I make
17) Loves my family
18) Wants to be with me for eternity
19) Accepts adversity as it comes & strives to use it for good
20) Holds the priesthood

As I look over it, I realize that Taylor has everything I ever wanted in a husband (even #8!). I love how he interacts with kids. I am so grateful that he is the father of my children. Our family is so blessed that he holds the priesthood and strives to always be worthy to use it. I love you Taylor...my big, strong man! Happy Father's Day!!!

Taylor & Jordan - 1996

Taylor & Jordan - 1997

Reading to the boys - 1999

Hailey & Taylor on her blessing day - 2001

Christmas - 2003

Taylor & Benjamin - 2005

I have to also honor the father of my husband. I absolute adore my father in-law. He is always so supportive of us and welcomed me into the family from the very start. We always joke that I'm his favorite daughter in-law (although I'm the only one) but I always feel like he really means it. He's so fun to be around. I can tell he loves being a grandpa.

Bill, thank you for your love of me, my children, and always showing your love for your wife and family. Your example means a lot to me.

Family pictures - 2008
Bill & Marijke had no idea Taylor snuck up behind them.

Bill & my niece Rachel - 2009

Bill & Benjamin - 2005

My relationship with my dad has really evolved over the years. Growing up, he always seemed very serious. I realize now it was probably because he was trying to support 7 children. I am so grateful for his dedication to the gospel and support of my decisions throughout my life. My children love it when he's around. He can act just as goofy as them sometimes.

I love you Dad!!!

Dad always kisses Mom in front of us. He really showed us that it was good to show your children affection.

Easter - 2009

Dad's 60th birthday party at Taco Bell (his favorite "restaurant"). We threw him a surprise party here, and he was able to run the drive through for a bit as well.

Dad playing with Ben & Clara in the kiddie pool - 2008

Finally, I am grateful for my Grandpa Bill. Since Grandma Cherie passed away, my relationship has grown immensely with him. He has the best sense of humor (definitely where our family sarcasm originated). I am so thankful for his love of my husband and children. Even though he's their great-grandpa, my children think of him as "Grandpa". His strength through adversity, not only through my grandmother's health problems as well as his own, has shown me that I need to keep more of an eternal perspective on these physical trials.

I love you so much Grandpa!
YOU are my favorite.....and not because I'm your favorite granddaughter.

My favorite picture of Grandpa & myself

I hope all the men in my life had a relaxing Father's Day. I love you all!

June 15, 2009


Taylor asked me the other day if I thought I had balance in my life. Huh?

Oh......okay I get it. He's noticed that I can't seem to get my head out of these books to do anything around the house. I'm trying, but it's like a drug pulling me back to either stay up super late reading, go up to bed earlier than normal to read (thus ignoring my husband), or doing basically the bare minimum around the house in order to have more time to read. I told him he should be thrilled to be telling me to stop reading and not staring at the TV.....because reading's good for you right? No comment......just a stare.

So, I decided that I need to do one of two things. Either I hurry up and get through these stinkin' books, or I can just make sure he doesn't ever see me reading.

Only 800 more pages until I have a "Balanced" life again........

......not that I was anywhere close to being balanced before.

June 1, 2009


I've rolled my eyes at the parties, the standing in line for the first copies of the DVD, the constant oohs and ahhs over Edward. I had no idea who Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc. were and didn't care one red cent to find out about them. I figured it was an adult version of Harry Potter, and I can't stand Harry Potter.

So I'm a big old hypocrite. A year later....maybe it's two.....I'm jumping on the bandwagon.
One day, someone offered us a copy of the movie. Fine, I thought, I'll see what all this hype is about. So we watched......Taylor pretended to snore through the first half. I was intrigued pretty much from the start and had to tell him to shut up. Then it started to pick up and suddenly there was no more snoring from the peanut gallery. I LOVED the movie. I'm pretty sure he liked it too. Can't wait for the next one.

Now I've borrowed the book from a friend and I'm glued. Poor Benjamin is getting neglected.....at least till I'm finished with the book.