June 15, 2009


Taylor asked me the other day if I thought I had balance in my life. Huh?

Oh......okay I get it. He's noticed that I can't seem to get my head out of these books to do anything around the house. I'm trying, but it's like a drug pulling me back to either stay up super late reading, go up to bed earlier than normal to read (thus ignoring my husband), or doing basically the bare minimum around the house in order to have more time to read. I told him he should be thrilled to be telling me to stop reading and not staring at the TV.....because reading's good for you right? No comment......just a stare.

So, I decided that I need to do one of two things. Either I hurry up and get through these stinkin' books, or I can just make sure he doesn't ever see me reading.

Only 800 more pages until I have a "Balanced" life again........

......not that I was anywhere close to being balanced before.


Lindsey said...

So true- I am the same way I get so into books and can't put them down!!

Jaime Lynne said...

I do the same thing! Have you tried reading "The Host" by the same author? I preferred that way over Twilight. Great book!

And tell Taylor to back off! ;)

Katie said...

Tell Taylor, NO TWILIGHT HATERS PROSPER! Words to live by!

Michael...Midol....Punky....Mido the Sugar Bear Punky....Twitcher....Cheetoh Eater said...

Its crazy how you can get so addicted to a book like that where you are taken to a whole other zone that no one can understand....funny stuff