January 21, 2008

Punkie Adam

Here I am, testing out my brand new camera I got for Christmas. I don't quite know what Adam was thinking right then, but it obviously wasn't something too smart. However, I'm glad I have this moment on film.

January 20, 2008

Hats Around the World

I was looking through past pictures and happened upon a few Adam and Dad took while we were in Disneyworld 4 years ago. I laugh each time I see these, just thinking about the two of them wandering around, posing with hats at each "country".














January 18, 2008


Since I'm very sporadic about posting on this blog, I felt that the only way to keep everyone excited each time they viewed my postings is to put this picture at the beginning. That way they are greeted by an amazing picture of my dear sweet sister Rachel.
I know that she will be thrilled that I dedicated this post to her. I also know that she won't tell me anymore that she's bored with looking at the same thing on my page. This could possibly keep her entertained for hours! (Love ya Rach) :)

January 3, 2008

Tile Board Christmas Gifts

This year I was able to make a few gifts for Christmas. Those are always my favorite gifts to give. I made one for my sister in-law Nicole (no picture). Here are the other two....
Nora's, with random pictures of their cute little family.
I also was able to make one for my mom with the grandkids' pictures. I just love this project because it looks just like tile, but it's wood, so you can make it whatever size you want.

Killer Katie

A while back, we noticed that Katie would snarl her teeth at the kids sometimes, particularly when they were hanging on her, and ESPECIALLY if food was near. I think she thinks the kids are competing for the food, so she needs to scare them away. At first it made us nervous (and I'm sure it does others when they first see it), but once we realized it looked worse than it actually was because she never bit, it became kind of funny. Seeing from the big smile on Ben's face, he obviously isn't fazed by her antics. He just gives her a big hug anyways.

In this video, Taylor has a plate with food near and Jordan is trying to hug her. Watch when he scratches her neck.

January 2, 2008

Temple Square

This year, we were able to visit Temple Square while we vacationed in Idaho and Utah for Thanksgiving. It was chilly, but it was made much more bearable since it wasn't packed with people yet.

I would highly advise anyone to take a tour of the Conference Center. It's absolutely amazing. Here we are being told about the 12 paintings depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon. I remember seeing these pictures in my Book of Mormon all the time when I was little. This room holds the original works. Also, the Hall of the Prophets is so neat. The feelings I experienced when were able to see the busts made of each of our prophets was indescribable.

Here I'm trying to wrangle Benjamin from escaping into the road. He got so excited each time the Metro would pass by.