January 3, 2008

Killer Katie

A while back, we noticed that Katie would snarl her teeth at the kids sometimes, particularly when they were hanging on her, and ESPECIALLY if food was near. I think she thinks the kids are competing for the food, so she needs to scare them away. At first it made us nervous (and I'm sure it does others when they first see it), but once we realized it looked worse than it actually was because she never bit, it became kind of funny. Seeing from the big smile on Ben's face, he obviously isn't fazed by her antics. He just gives her a big hug anyways.

In this video, Taylor has a plate with food near and Jordan is trying to hug her. Watch when he scratches her neck.


Tom & Rachel said...

I keep replaying this video for Reese and she just cracks up over and over again.