August 25, 2009

My Baby Is HUGE!

Over the past several months, something has been happening to Jordan that I've never seen with any of my children. I first noticed it when his jeans kept looking like he was expecting a flood. Then I realized I wasn't looking down at his eyes any felt like I was looking up. He literally grew 3 inches in a matter of months!

In my laundry room is a chart I keep for each of the kids' height. When we moved, I wrote down all the measurements on the previous wall in order to have it all. I also measure Taylor & myself in order for the kids to have something to gauge their growth by. The big goal was to grow taller than Mom.

Height Wall

I was still in denial that Jordan was taller than me, so we decided to be super scientific and stand back-to-back with a bread board on our heads. This picture became his proof that he is taller than me. He is so excited now!

Now the ultimate test is to see if they can get close or even surpass Taylor.

August 12, 2009

14 Years & Counting

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. It's such an odd feeling. It feels like it's flown by so fast, yet I can't remember a time when I didn't know Taylor.
He's the perfect man for me, but sometimes I'm amazed at how we ended up together. We were so opposite. He was Mr. Social, while I was so reserved and quiet. He was the institute council president at the time, and was conducting a meeting that I was actually forced to go to by my friends (thank you, you guys). There was just something about him when I first saw him. I was instantly attracted to him, but of course knew nothing could ever come of that. Everyone knew who he was, and since he was such a flirt, I knew many girls wanted to go out with him. I later found out that my roommate had gone out with him a couple times right before we met.
I still don't know how everything fell into place, but I know that Heavenly Father had a huge hand in it. From the moment we met, we ended up either seeing each other or talking on the phone every day from that point.

Wow we look tired. Going to work, then staying up all night with each other can really take a toll on your body. Unfortunately, you don't really know this is happening at the time.

Wedding day - 1995








I am more in love with you today than I was 14 years ago. I am so grateful to know that you are my protector, provider, and most of all my best friend....the person I can tell anything to.

Happy Anniversary honey! We've come a long way!!!!!

August 6, 2009


It's 12:15 pm right now, and this is what Hailey's doing right now.

I know she went to bed late, but seriously...if she's sleeping this late as an 8 year-old, what am I going to deal with when she's a teenager?

August 1, 2009

My Girl Surprised Me!

Hailey played soccer this year for the first time.

At her first practice, she pranced around like a stereotypical girl. I almost felt like putting a bag over my head. My daughter was "that player".....the one you don't want the ball going to during a game. I wondered if I had made a mistake signing her up.
After that first practice, I decided that I needed to put my many years of soccer experience to work (1 season). I taught her how to kick the right way, dribble between cones, an even tried to teach her to be more aggressive. I doubt she'll ever be too aggressive with anyone other than her brother.

At the next practice, she honestly shocked me. All of a sudden she had confidence. I took that bag off my head and held my head high. She was pretty good! This was also the first time I witnessed how fast she can run. I am so proud of how well she did.

Her face gets beat red anytime she's out playing in the sun for more than 30 seconds.

The "Orange Crushers"
We can't wait till the next soccer season.


Our bugman recently came and sprayed around our house. This is what we woke up to the next morning.

I'm pretty sure he did a good job.