August 1, 2009

My Girl Surprised Me!

Hailey played soccer this year for the first time.

At her first practice, she pranced around like a stereotypical girl. I almost felt like putting a bag over my head. My daughter was "that player".....the one you don't want the ball going to during a game. I wondered if I had made a mistake signing her up.
After that first practice, I decided that I needed to put my many years of soccer experience to work (1 season). I taught her how to kick the right way, dribble between cones, an even tried to teach her to be more aggressive. I doubt she'll ever be too aggressive with anyone other than her brother.

At the next practice, she honestly shocked me. All of a sudden she had confidence. I took that bag off my head and held my head high. She was pretty good! This was also the first time I witnessed how fast she can run. I am so proud of how well she did.

Her face gets beat red anytime she's out playing in the sun for more than 30 seconds.

The "Orange Crushers"
We can't wait till the next soccer season.


Rachel B. said...

Good, you got it. I just now remembered to call you and figured it was too late.

Good girl Hailey! That's my BFF. I didn't realize they still did co-ed at this age.


Brings back memories of sitting next to you guys watching our boys play on the same team. Seems like just yesterday!