September 26, 2010

Roller Coaster Day

A few weeks ago I had a day that took me on an emotional roller coaster.  It was Stake Conference....a day I really look forward to.  I've never been in a stake where I felt so excited to hear what the Stake President and the rest of the speakers have to talk about.  A stake where I don't think of Stake Conference as a vacation from church kind of day.  President Shields is always so direct, and he never beats around the bush about what we need to be doing.  This year was no exception......but I digress (as usual).

I can always expect that on the day of Stake Conference, I will not see Taylor one iota.  He ends up being at the Stake Center from morning till night, since we have three different sessions.  I usually don't see him much anyways, but at least on this day I know he'll be able to sit with us and I'd have help with the kids.  I look forward to this probably as much as I look forward to hearing from the stake president.  Well, the morning started off fine, but then something kicked in with the kids because the fighting in the house got out of control.  Constant mean comments, constant crying, constant yelling of  "Jordan get out of my room", etc.  Basically a lot of tension.  I had to lecture a few times, send kids to their rooms a few times, make everyone kiss and make up a LOT of times.  I'd had it!  

Finally, it was time to head off to Stake Conference. When Taylor joined us in our row, he took one look at my face and knew something was wrong.  He asked if I was okay and my eyes just welled up.  Nope, I was officially done and wanted to just go home.  I'm happy I didn't because the first talk was from President Peterson on Motherhood.  I needed this.  I needed to be reminded of the good things about being a mother.  I needed the regular squeezes on my shoulders from Taylor letting me know he agreed with what was being said.  I needed him leaning over to kiss my head and tell me he loved me.  I was finally able to let it go and relax.

I ended up going VT'ing right after church.  While I was gone, Taylor had a talk with the kids to find out what had happened.  When I returned, I was greeted with this........

It even had a post-it note to decode the writing.

The kids had thought all of this up by themselves.  They all also wrote letters telling me that they were sorry for behaving badly that day.  It was a pretty great way to come home.  It was also a great way to end my day.  
I absolutely love being a mother!  I know that there will be days like this that kick me in the butt.  I know there will be days I want to just quit and go get a job somewhere else.  But that's just motherhood in a nutshell.  An emotional roller coaster.....but I will always be grateful for it.  I will always be grateful I am a mother and wouldn't change it for the world.

September 20, 2010

Ben's Comments Lately

I have noticed that Ben is at an age where the funniest things come out of his mouth.  It makes it all the more hilarious when he doesn't know what he's saying.

A few examples:

After capturing a preying mantis and drawing a picture of it for school, he asks me "Mom, why do praying mantis's have to pray all the time?"

Hailey:  "Mom, do you know how to do a backflip?"
Me:      "No"
Ben:     "Skinny girls can do backflips."
(Wow, thanks)

Hailey came home from spending the night at Momoo's with a huge zucchini.  Today I'm in the car talking to Taylor on the phone......

Me:      "Do you want me to make quiche or zucchini soup?"
Taylor:  "Go ahead and make the zucchini soup."
Ben (from the backseat):    "I don't want to have bikini soup!"

School Has Begun!

Again, not exactly on time, but at least I'm motivated enough to get this blogged right?

Well, anyways, school has started for everyone this year in the Caron household.  It's always so exciting the first day for everyone, but the novelty wears off by lunchtime.  The older ones usually come home with a few stories, but generally the next day, they are ready for summer again.

Ben, on the other hand, was (and still is for that matter) SO excited about going to school.  Not to mention it gives me 2 1/2 hours of peace and quiet.  I can even watch whatever I want on tv without someone bugging me to change the channel or to put it on Xbox!  Ahhh the life!

It was so bittersweet dropping Ben off for his first day in kindergarten.  I was definitely excited for this day, but seeing that little man stand in line, smile beaming from ear to ear, really hit me.  My babies are no longer babies!

The boys weren't up for much photography that morning, but they did humor me with one picture at least before we headed to the bus.

Ben getting his backpack all together.

On our way!

Benjamin & Mommy

Proudly showing off his very own folder given to him by his teacher. 
(I love the look in his eyes in this picture)

September 12, 2010

15 Years

(Yes, this should have been posted several weeks ago, but a few things needing attention got in the way.)

I cannot believe I've been married to my sweetie for 15 years already!  Time has flown like you would never believe.
At the beginning of this year, we had grand plans to go on a cruise.  However, as time grew closer, reality set in and we realized it wasn't the smartest idea.  Plus, two days after our anniversary, we'd be taking a big vacation to Colorado with all of my family!  Who couldn't ask for anything more than being with your parents, brothers, sisters, and all of their kids for your anniversary?!

So anyways.....I decided that I'd surprise Taylor by getting his ring re-engraved.  When we got married, I had his ring engraved "Ti Amo  8/12/95" (Italian for I Love You).  Ever since then, my family has teased me that I only loved him that day.  Plus, the words have all but worn off.  Such a great idea, but pulling it off would be another story.  He NEVER takes his ring off!  Guess this should please me, but for this situation, not so much.  A few days before our anniversary it dawned on me to have him take it off so I could clean it.  I do this randomly, so he didn't think anything off it.  The best part of this idea is that when I do this, he usually forgets I have it in the cleaning solution and ends up without his ring on for a couple days.  Brilliant!!!  The next morning as we're saying goodbye, I keep thinking "don't ask for the ring, don't ask for the ring, don't ask for the ring."  I was so nervous my plan wouldn't work.  But, like every other time, he forgets and off to work he goes, professing his singleness all along the way without his ring!  I knew that I couldn't hold off giving him his ring until our anniversary, so I surprised him that night with a ring that look just like the day we got married......except the engraving now read "Ti Amo Per Sempre  8/12/95"  (I will always love you).

Obviously he felt obligated to return the favor (also since I talk about getting my ring fixed incessantly).
Here are the results.........

It's not quite as difficult to get my ring since I take it off every night before I go to sleep.  He did hatch up quite a plan including my older boys to get the ring to him while he was "at work".  That night I was so surprised as he gave me the ring.  I LOVE it way better this way!  It has new prongs that I don't constantly worry about breaking further & not getting scratched with, as well as white gold that makes the diamond stand out more.  He also had it engraved in Italian as well.  Such a sweet husband!!!!