September 12, 2010

15 Years

(Yes, this should have been posted several weeks ago, but a few things needing attention got in the way.)

I cannot believe I've been married to my sweetie for 15 years already!  Time has flown like you would never believe.
At the beginning of this year, we had grand plans to go on a cruise.  However, as time grew closer, reality set in and we realized it wasn't the smartest idea.  Plus, two days after our anniversary, we'd be taking a big vacation to Colorado with all of my family!  Who couldn't ask for anything more than being with your parents, brothers, sisters, and all of their kids for your anniversary?!

So anyways.....I decided that I'd surprise Taylor by getting his ring re-engraved.  When we got married, I had his ring engraved "Ti Amo  8/12/95" (Italian for I Love You).  Ever since then, my family has teased me that I only loved him that day.  Plus, the words have all but worn off.  Such a great idea, but pulling it off would be another story.  He NEVER takes his ring off!  Guess this should please me, but for this situation, not so much.  A few days before our anniversary it dawned on me to have him take it off so I could clean it.  I do this randomly, so he didn't think anything off it.  The best part of this idea is that when I do this, he usually forgets I have it in the cleaning solution and ends up without his ring on for a couple days.  Brilliant!!!  The next morning as we're saying goodbye, I keep thinking "don't ask for the ring, don't ask for the ring, don't ask for the ring."  I was so nervous my plan wouldn't work.  But, like every other time, he forgets and off to work he goes, professing his singleness all along the way without his ring!  I knew that I couldn't hold off giving him his ring until our anniversary, so I surprised him that night with a ring that look just like the day we got married......except the engraving now read "Ti Amo Per Sempre  8/12/95"  (I will always love you).

Obviously he felt obligated to return the favor (also since I talk about getting my ring fixed incessantly).
Here are the results.........

It's not quite as difficult to get my ring since I take it off every night before I go to sleep.  He did hatch up quite a plan including my older boys to get the ring to him while he was "at work".  That night I was so surprised as he gave me the ring.  I LOVE it way better this way!  It has new prongs that I don't constantly worry about breaking further & not getting scratched with, as well as white gold that makes the diamond stand out more.  He also had it engraved in Italian as well.  Such a sweet husband!!!!



Momoo Sherie said...

So glad you guys are still in love after all these years. Love the rings and the engraving!

Katie said...

Who know the Carons had some mojo for romantic surprise?! You two are sooo perfect for each other!

Jaime Lynne said...

Happy anniversary to a couple that we love and admire!