September 20, 2010

School Has Begun!

Again, not exactly on time, but at least I'm motivated enough to get this blogged right?

Well, anyways, school has started for everyone this year in the Caron household.  It's always so exciting the first day for everyone, but the novelty wears off by lunchtime.  The older ones usually come home with a few stories, but generally the next day, they are ready for summer again.

Ben, on the other hand, was (and still is for that matter) SO excited about going to school.  Not to mention it gives me 2 1/2 hours of peace and quiet.  I can even watch whatever I want on tv without someone bugging me to change the channel or to put it on Xbox!  Ahhh the life!

It was so bittersweet dropping Ben off for his first day in kindergarten.  I was definitely excited for this day, but seeing that little man stand in line, smile beaming from ear to ear, really hit me.  My babies are no longer babies!

The boys weren't up for much photography that morning, but they did humor me with one picture at least before we headed to the bus.

Ben getting his backpack all together.

On our way!

Benjamin & Mommy

Proudly showing off his very own folder given to him by his teacher. 
(I love the look in his eyes in this picture)