August 1, 2010

Pink Lilies - aka Sweaty Men in Swimcaps

Many have be asking for a video of Laurel Canyon Ward's men's performance at our North Las Vegas Stake's Pioneer Days.  (It frustrates me that when I post a video on here, it cuts the right side off.  For this reason I have just posted a link to YouTube.  If anyone knows how to adjust the settings for that, please let me know.)
For those two days of festivities, it was so hot and humid outside, it made me really get a taste of what it must have felt like to be a pioneer, to be hot, sweaty and sticky constantly. No, the sweat on these guys is not from working out pre-performance, but from the intense heat that day. But, I digress......without further ado......I present the "Pink Lilies"!!!!! 

(this link is working now)