August 25, 2009

My Baby Is HUGE!

Over the past several months, something has been happening to Jordan that I've never seen with any of my children. I first noticed it when his jeans kept looking like he was expecting a flood. Then I realized I wasn't looking down at his eyes any felt like I was looking up. He literally grew 3 inches in a matter of months!

In my laundry room is a chart I keep for each of the kids' height. When we moved, I wrote down all the measurements on the previous wall in order to have it all. I also measure Taylor & myself in order for the kids to have something to gauge their growth by. The big goal was to grow taller than Mom.

Height Wall

I was still in denial that Jordan was taller than me, so we decided to be super scientific and stand back-to-back with a bread board on our heads. This picture became his proof that he is taller than me. He is so excited now!

Now the ultimate test is to see if they can get close or even surpass Taylor.


Katie said...

That's an awesome way to keep track. Alex just tells EVERYONE, "I'm taller than you". Recovering apparently from being called a "Migi Ref" when he was little!

Amy said...

Jordan's gonna be a tall guy for sure.
We've gone a measuring wall, too, and Hannah has just reached my height. Just adds to all the other excitement (roll eyes) of having teenagers.

Lindsey said...

I've noticed that he has really shot up- It's gotta be a sad day when your kids pass you up though.

Anonymous said...

Shelby is taller then me too. Not hard to do though. I'm hoping my gils are all taller then me. Jordon has really grown. Can you believe they will be 13!!!!YIKES!!

Unguren said...

I have a feeling like my kids will pass me sooner rather than later.

It is pretty impressive that he has grown so fast. It must be some good food/cakes you are feeding him.


Ya, I know the feeling. What happened to our little guys? This year, I had to buy jeans in the mens clothes for Skyler, but it's a little tricky to find a 28 inch waist with a 32 length.

thecustercrew said...

You are in trouble now!!! Just let him know you can still take him down if you have to.