January 2, 2008

Temple Square

This year, we were able to visit Temple Square while we vacationed in Idaho and Utah for Thanksgiving. It was chilly, but it was made much more bearable since it wasn't packed with people yet.

I would highly advise anyone to take a tour of the Conference Center. It's absolutely amazing. Here we are being told about the 12 paintings depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon. I remember seeing these pictures in my Book of Mormon all the time when I was little. This room holds the original works. Also, the Hall of the Prophets is so neat. The feelings I experienced when were able to see the busts made of each of our prophets was indescribable.

Here I'm trying to wrangle Benjamin from escaping into the road. He got so excited each time the Metro would pass by.


Jaime Lea said...

The pic of your family in front of the Temple is a gorgeous one! I think you should display it somewhere in your home. :) Maybe on a cool, homemade tile board. :)

Dan said...

How excited I was to come across my dear friends blog! Ahh, the wonderful advancement of technology! Your family has gotten huge!!!! And so cute! I enjoyed catching up on what your family has been up to. Love, LaRinda Schott