September 17, 2007

First Day of School

(For all those who have been a little overwhelmed by my massive postings lately, I'll try to calm it down a little bit. I just got on a little streak Sunday morning and did as much as time would allow.)

This picture shows so much of what everyone's thinking. Noah is just so glad to be back in school because he loves it. Hailey is thrilled too, but she still needs to give the model head tilt of hers. Ben just woke up, so he's just plain happy. Jordan is just mad. Mad at me for something that I don't even remember, but that's the norm lately. He's fake smiling here, but it's obvious even to the untrained eye that he doesn't want to take this picture right now.


Tom & Rachel said...

Hey, I say post as many and as often as you want. I love it all! I wish all our family would catch up to my speed. Hehe

Momoo Sherie said...

Hey, that Jordan face reminds me of someone else I used to know. He's Ginger Jr.