September 16, 2007

Hanging Out at Mamoo & Dadoo's

The cousins posing in their own special ways. Bradley & Noah are so photogenic, don't you think?
Clara chasing after Benjamin.

I love this picture of Mom & Dad.

Benjamin & Clara playing with Spot.


Tom & Rachel said...

I LOVE all your posts! I was laughing out loud and thinking of so many things to say for each section, but I probably won't remember everything now. I love how Jordan is now too cool for pictures. He either looks like "oh brother" or like a little GQ model. And I also really like that picture of mom and dad. It's rare that mom will let you take a picture of her and second that she likes it...I hope she likes that one. That underwear game is hilarious (I love Ben's face) and funny little Noah with the sunblock. That picture of Hailey and Ben is ADORABLE! That's definitely one for a frame. And lastly, "who let the F out...fuh,fuh,fuh" is so dang funny! I know I shouldn't feel the need to comment on everything, but I just want to! :) Great posts!

the Koch's said...

(Adam & Nora) Pretty much ditto for everything Rachel said. I want to comment on everything but don't want to take up the whole page. I thought I had been regularly checking your blog but I guess not, all of a sudden tons of posts. Seeing everyone at Mom and Dad's house makes me miss the big gatherings over there. Jordan's face in the underwear pic is classic. Noah's sunblock picture is hilarious. If there was a America's funniest pictures show, that would definitely be a finalist. And I love the church clothes pictures. Charlie is starting to fit into some of his bigger clothes and it's so cute.