May 29, 2009


  • Ben = What most of us call him.
  • Benji = What HE insists we call him.
  • Benjamin = What we call him when he's in for it.
On March 31st, Benjamin Richard Caron turned 4 years old. I can't believe how quickly time has flown since he was born. Life is so much more interesting...and much of the time, more entertaining with him in our family.

A few hours old

My little man dressed up for church.

Ben has always loved his daddy. He especially loves working outside with him.

Off to go fishing.

He loves his brothers and sister. He is always so happy when they come home from school.

He's turned into quite a crackup regarding his clothes...especially his shoe choices.

Apparently the right shoes are not too important to him.

Goggles and glasses are his new thing. For his birthday, Dadoo Richard found some cool Spy Goggles. He wears them all the time.

Benjamin is my little stinker man. I absolutely love his enthusiasm, however often it wears me out. His smile and dimples brighten me each time I see them. I'm so blessed to have him for a son.
I love you Ben!!!!


Rachel B. said...

Don't forget "Benny." That's what Reese calls him. Happy belated birthday little guy! You make me smile!

Lindsey said...

I have always loved his dimples too and his eyes are so expressive.

Amy said...

Cute - Thomas had so much fun with him.

Famous said...

Ben's our adopted brother! When we feel like having a brother for a few hours, my girls...I should say Jesie calls to see if he can come over!! We love Ben!!

Jaime Lynne said...

Ben/Benji/Benjamin is a delightful little guy with so much personality. Our family has adored him from the pretzel FHE on. Happy birthday (in March) to a wonderful little guy!

Amy said...

When I first saw that last picture of him, I thought it was Mason for a split second. Must be the short hair and big brown eyes. Oh, those eyes. They are dreamy. We love you, Ben!

Shelley said...

Cute kiddo! His dimples make me swoon!