February 18, 2009

Cheeseburger Cake

Usually Taylor works with our boys for the Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. This year Taylor didn't have much time, so I decided to help Noah out.  

The theme this year was America ABC's.  As we brainstormed, some crazy ideas came up.  However, once someone mentioned the cheeseburger, we knew that was it.  What's more American than the cheeseburger?

The lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and buns were made from marshmallow fondant. I've never tried to make fondant before, so I thought it was going to be a beast.  It actually was less trouble that I thought.  I highly suggest marshmallow fondant to anyone wanting to attempt to try fondant for the first time.  Not only is it not very difficult to make, but it tastes better too.  
The buns were made of yellow cake and the burger was chocolate cake.  The sesame seeds were rice krispies, and we coated the burger with cookie crumbs to make it look more real.

Decorating the cake with "condiments".

The inside.

Noah with the finished cheeseburger cake.   

His cake won "Judge's Favorite".  When one of the leaders described which cake they chose, he said this particular cake "brought a tear too his eye".  Definitely a man for you there.  I had one kid ask me if the cake tasted like cheeseburger.  Ewww!
I have to admit I really enjoyed myself.  I'm actually a little excited for the birthdays we have coming up now that I've seen what can be done.


Rachel B. said...

Holy cow, Ging! That is amazing! I'll have to try the marshmallow fondant. I've tried regular and it is a pain in the booty to work with. Impressive!


Wow, that looks awesome! I've never had much luck with cakes. I don't have enough patience. Way to go mom!

Kati said...

That looks really yummy! You're making me hungry for cake now. Do you take special orders?

Jaime Lynne said...

Wow, Martha (Stewart)! I am so impressed. Looks amazing.

Amy said...

I am SO IMPRESSED. How did you get the bun into a bun shape? Did you carve it? I LOVE IT and want to make one.

Ginger and Taylor said...

The lower bun and burger are just in a round cake pan. We baked the top one in a pyrex glass casserole to make it round.

Amy said...

Wow!!! That is amazing, Ginger! I am so impressed. I'm glad to see Hailey's drawing was printed, that'll give hope to A & M (seems like it's been longer though). I guess there's a long line. Can't wait to see Hailey's b-day cake. I'm sure you have something grand in store.

Anonymous said...

Wow great job. It totally looks professional. You should go into business. I bet Noah was so happy with it.

Stori said...

You're my hero! And what an awesomely cute blog! How's life?