February 17, 2009

CiCi's with Michael

My brother Michael called the other day to see if we were doing anything. Amazingly, it was a rather calm day, so he decided to come over. We hung out for a bit then decided to head over to CiCi's Pizza. I had never been there before, but heard about it. I guess the closest thing I can relate it to is Pizza Inn (for those of you who grew up here in Vegas) on Tropicana. All-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and pasta. Definitely a haven for Mormon families.

There is a little arcade....and I mean little....so the kids also played a few games.

Air hockey has always been one of my favorites, but it's been forever since I've picked up a paddle. Since Jordan and I are super-competitive, we decided to play a game.....for bragging rights.

I was a little worried at first when it was 1 to 3, but I finally got my groove back and creamed him 7 to 4.

Michael also treated Ben to a few body stickers.
Two Care Bears on the boobs and Spongebob on the belly button.

Noah wasn't with us at CiCi's, so Jordan thought it would be great to sneak a few stickers on his back while he was sleeping.  I didn't think that would happen, but sure enough, at 5:30 the next morning Jordan woke us up to tell us he was able to get it done without waking him.  What a sweet brother!

Thanks for the fun afternoon Michael.  We loved hanging out with you!!!


Katie said...

Stickers on the boobs-aren't those called pasties? What kind of show are you running, missy?!?

The Ashby Family said...

I love your family! You all make me laugh! :)

Amy said...

First of all...The butt dialing cracked me up. I still have the cheap Nokia phone so I butt dial all the time.

Second...if you lived on the west side of town, Shakeys was our Mormon Pizza Heaven. Our family was there at least every other Monday. I've been meaning to try Cici's, but it's just too hard when Cafe Rio is in the same parking lot!

Ginger and Taylor said...

Shakeys! I remember that place. Yeah, I agree that Cafe Rio beats them all, but the cost of bringing the entire family there is the pits.

Ginger and Taylor said...

Yes Katie, we were discussing pasties with the kids the other night, but I didn't want to admit it here. Thanks for making me come out of the closet on that one. ;)

Nicole said...

Really, can it even compare to Craigo's?

Michael...Midol....Punky....Mido the Sugar Bear Punky....Twitcher....Cheetoh Eater said...

I love that Noah really did get attacked with the tattoos