January 14, 2009

Pre-Christmas Extravaganzas

I realize this is a little late....okay a lot late.  Not that anyone cares about what we did for Christmas.  I'm trying to think about blogging more as journaling.  That way I at least have something documenting what our life has been like.  So bear with me.

In order from left to right & top to bottom:

- The guys sneaking in the back room to watch BYU on TV.  Go Cougars!!!
- Ben & Adam's son Charlie spinning on the chair.  I love their smiles.
- Santa & Mrs. Claus always visit our family & give the kids one gift that night.
- Jordan, Bradley (cousin) & Noah looking so thrilled watching Santa.
- Noah with Santa.
- Jordan with Santa.
- Hailey with Santa.
- Benjamin with Santa.
- Me & my stud brother Adam.
- Audrey (cousin) & Hailey listening to her IPod.
- My Aunt Robin & me.  She is an amazing woman!
- All the great-grandkids waiting for their turn to sit on Santa's lap.

Ronnie (The Killers drummer) and Jordan at the family Christmas party. 
Jordan loves the fact that he's related to him.

Christmas at my parents' house is always a little wild. We usually start out with the Nativity.  I always love the costumes my sis in-law Amy brings for her kids.  This year she had a sheep costume for Clara.  It was so adorable.  We also had a real live baby Jesus, thanks to baby Claire.  Then the angel had awesome butterfly wings.  I love family nativities.  They are always so pieced together, but always end up being so cute.

Next, we each get one present to open from my parents.   Fortunately, it's pajamas for everyone.  That way we're able to go straight to bed once we get back to our house.

The little boys' pajamas (their faces remind me of the happy and sad theater faces)

The little girls' pajamas

The big boys' pajamas

Dad & David (brother)

Michael & Adam (brothers)

We have a tradition that came about many years ago (really feeling old now that I think about how long ago this was).   My grandma's friend Margaret used to knit slippers for each of us 7 kids every Christmas.  At first we weren't very thrilled since they weren't the most comfortable things to wear.  We soon realized that these slippers were pretty slippery on the wood floor.  After some experimentation, we began running down the long hallway, and sliding towards the end.  Thus, the name "Speed Slippers" was born.  A couple years ago, some felt that the floor wasn't quite slick enough, so they began slicking it up with lemon oil.

Greasin' up the hallway with oil.  

Adam getting completely into Speed Slippers

The little kids needs some help sliding so there's no cracking open of skulls.

Hailey with a little help.

Trying it out on her own.

David even showed off a little of his "breakdancing".  What a performance!!!


Unguren said...

Those are all such fun pictures. It is cool that you have some one in your family that is famous.

Those speed slippers look like a good time. We used to suds up the kitchen floor to clean it and slid all over. Good times.

Rachel B. said...

Ging, that's awesome. I'm right in the middle of finally getting to my Christmas post too. I feel the same way about better late than never so we can get it written for journaling. I love that picture of Ben and Charlie. They both look so dang cute.

Jaime Lynne said...

What a great Christmas. I love all the individualized t-shirts! Awesome!

Kati said...

Josh is going to be jealous when I tell him who you are related to. He loves The Killers. They are one of his favorite bands. He might want to join your family now.