January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008


"Santa's Workshop" was in my bedroom this year.  All I needed was a table, a comfortable chair, a TV, a bag of chocolates, and a diet coke.


Before the kids came downstairs.

Santa always leaves the kids reindeer milk in exchange for the cookies and milk they leave for him.  

The past couple of years, we've been taking the kids to an inexpensive store for the kids to buy each other a present. This year I told them that they could buy something, but maybe they could think about making each person something instead. I was amazed at the thoughtfulness each of them displayed this year.

Noah made each family member something out of wood. He designed, cut, sanded, and painted each one. 
For Taylor & I, he made a big red heart, when pieced together says "Mommy + Daddy = Love!!".  He made Hailey a princess wand with a star on the end, Jordan a wooden IPod, and Benjamin a sword.  He wanted to make something that represented each person best.  I was so impressed with how creative and thoughtful he was with these gifts.

Okay, I have to admit this melted me.

The wooden sword Noah made for Ben.

Jordan made a snake out of pipe cleaners for Benjamin.

Jordan gave Noah two beta fish.
Jordan's big gift from us and his grandparents was a good camping backpack.  Now that he's in Scouts, he'll be going on more and more campouts, so this will be very needed.

Whenever we are reading the Book of Mormon, I'm always trying to figure out when/where everything is taking place.  This year, Taylor's sister got us the coolest thing.  It's a huge poster timeline of events that take place during the Book of Mormon.  It is definitely going to make it easier to get it all together for me now.

Last year, Benjamin received his favorite present of all time. The GeoTrax. This year, he got an addition to those trains called GeoAir.  Benjamin can just stare at these planes flying round and round for hours at a time.

I have been wanting to chuck our old kitchen sink and get a single basin sink for a long time now.  It was the only white thing we had in the kitchen, and I couldn't stand the divided sink.  Thankfully, Taylor's parents made that possible this year.  It is AWESOME!!!!  


I noticed that it's considerably more difficult to get the grandkids lined up for our traditional Christmas lineup before going to see the stockings. This was the best shot I could get of all the kids.  Oh well.

Adam shows off why he's "The Man, The Myth, The Legend".

Another tradition, more like obsession, for the Koch's is picking zits.  We swooped in on Adam like a bunch of monkeys.  I thought it was funny how he just sat there as if nothing was happening, focusing on his sports website.


My sister Rachel and her husband Tom blessed their new baby girl Claire Noelle on December 28th.

The Bjorkman, Caron, & Koch families

Mason turned 7 just a few days after Christmas. His mom always makes a wonderful effort to make sure his birthday is special, especially since it can be drowned out by all the festivities of the holidays.

Reese & Charlie entertain the family with their piano talents.

Get it Reese!!! 
Sometimes I feel like eating cake this way too.

Audrey & Hailey figured this was the best way to share licking the spatula after the cake batter was finished.  Mmmmmm.

The kids love playing with my brother Michael.

The girls decided to go out to lunch the day after Christmas. We decided we need to do this annually. Only nursing babies are allowed to join the party. I feel bad because I forgot to whip out my camera before Nora & Amy had to leave.


Rachel B. said...

Okay mom...Santa's workshop looks awfully familiar. ;) Sweet little Noah. What a thoughtful boy. That picture of him and Hailey is soooo sweet. I love your sink! Isn't it funny the things we want for Christmas now? Last year I was all giddy about a steam mop. Elmo dolls just don't cut it anymore. So I was just looking at your visitor map and it looks like you are pretty much a world-wide celebrity. You seriously have about every continent covered!

Ginger and Taylor said...

Yes, I am either known throughout the world by many admirers or completely stalked by nutcases. You choose.

Katie said...

Looks like the holidays treated your family well! Super awesome gifts from Noah. He didn't fall far from the tree!

thecustercrew said...

Looks like lots of fun. Good for you guys for doing the girls day out. My sisters and I keep saying we need to do one. Its hard because their are sooo many miles in between us.

Amy said...

Ginger, this photo of your workshop is the best. I love how you and your mom are so official about it (setting up a station and such). Loved the homemade gifts, too...aren't those the most memorable anyway? Noah is such a thoughtful guy. I loved that he made a "wooden" IPod. So hilarious. We found that B of M timeline at Sam's just the other night and have it out on our table where we read scriptures. Isn't that the best? Well, hope all is well w/ you guys. I'll call you later.

Michael...Midol....Punky....Mido the Sugar Bear Punky....Twitcher....Cheetoh Eater said...

Christmas was awesome hanging out with you guys. The gifts Noah gave were crazy! That kid is such a teddy bear. We should do that as a family one year and see what things people come up with. Its crazy to me that Jordan is old enough to be in Scouts now. Well anyway I need to come over and hangout with you guys some day this week or next. Love ya