June 19, 2008

Pinewood Derby

We recently had our ward's Pinewood Derby. I was really proud of Noah this year because he had a huge involvement in building of his car. From the initial design, to the final coat of lacquer, Noah was completely immersed in this with Taylor. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, so I had to rely on a friend's pictures.

The actual competition was a little crazy. I'm never experienced it run like this, so we were getting a little frustrated, but it was still a lot of fun to watch the excitement.

"The Car"

This race was probably the closest. Believe it or not, Noah's car is on the left and he came in 3rd in this heat.

Hailey and a friend from school.

Noah told me that we needed to cross all of our fingers and then hold hands. He got a little miffed at me because on one particular race I let go a little too early. Guess I should have crossed my fingers better so he would have won the whole thing.



There's nothing quite like the pinewood derby! It brings out the best and the worst in our boys, and their dads! kelli