June 22, 2008

Katie Caron

Katie is our dog that we've had for about 7 years now. She has been the most amazing dog. So much so that sometimes we consider her a family member. We noticed early on that she likes to attack things such as flashlights, blow dryers, laser light pointers, vacuums, etc.

She loves water, so she will watch us take a shower and the kids take a bath (just in case some water flies out to lick up). She "herds" the kids around by grabbing onto the bottom of their pantlegs and pulling at them. Here are a few videos of how kooky she can be.

"Drying" herself off after getting wet from the sprinklers

Attacking Noah's remote control car

We have to close her in a room if we want to vacuum in peace.

There was a sandwich on the table in this video. She would snarl when Jordan came close since he was competition for the food. However, she was torn between protecting the food and wanting to lick his face. Jordan is trying to imitate her here.

Ben playing tug-of-war over his underwear.


Lindsey said...

I actually like your dog-almost enough to let my kids have one-alomost!