June 13, 2008

Ben's New Buddy

Benjamin has found a new buddy. My friend Lindsey's little boy Brendan and Ben get along like no other. Usually, and maybe this only happens to me, I find that toddlers aren't usually the best at getting along this well with others. Sharing their own "favorite" toys (and don't they all become their favorite toys when other kids are around?) with someone else is extremely rare.
Lindsey and I have found that we really like to get them together because they entertain each other. We can actually get all kinds of things done.
Eating otterpops after running through the sprinkler.



That's the best. Especially for boys. I love the color of your blog. It makes me happy. Too cute. kelli

Lindsey said...

So cute, I'll have to make sure that I show Brendan the picture with him and Ben- he will be so excited!