June 8, 2008

Not Too Bright

blog readability test

Okay, I understand I'm not exactly brilliant, but I didn't think this was going to happen. I'd checked our blog months ago to see what reading level we were. I was depressed then, realizing that while all of my family/friends' blogs were at a college+ level, I was sitting at high school.

I checked, rechecked and triple-checked. Maybe I entered the wrong address? Nope, it was correct. Whenever I use spellcheck, there are never any words to correct. I feel like my sentences are usually grammatically correct. What's happened since then? Has hanging out with a 3 year-old every day stunted my mental capacity? I know this shouldn't be the basis for my self-esteem, but it sure is a blow.

I definitely think I need to use this venue to apologize to all of the parents of my 4th and 5th grade students back in the early 90's. I hope I didn't ruin their chances to get into a good college.

Maybe I'll have Taylor start blogging again for us and have each post be a picture and one sentence. That might do the trick. ;)


Tom & Rachel said...

Mine's high school too. I think the truth is that our blogs are just too fun and full of spunk. College level sounds boring and stuffy. :)

I just got back in town and heard your message. I'll try and catch you sometime in the next couple days. You're right about us having issues getting ahold of each other.

Lindsey said...

What- there's no way I'm going to check mine- it could be really scary!


You used the words 'grammatically' (spelled correctly) and 'venue' (what does that mean anyways?) all in one post. Seems like it should at least be college level to me! (of course, I never exactly completed college myself!) kelli

Amy said...

I don't even want to know what level mine is. That's a crack up--what does that mean anyway???? I guess I view the purpose as keeping in touch w/ family and/or journaling, not to be evaluated by some outside body. Funny! Oh well. I loved the pics of the father/son campout. Where did they go?

Momoo Sherie said...

I think this is sooo funny! Blog evaluation. Some people will write a book about anything. I agree with Amy, I thought this was for fun and communicating with each other. I wouldn't want to think I was back in school again being critiqued(spell check where are you-Dad came to my rescue just in time before I used a c instead of a qu, I knew it didn't look right)on my writing. That was my nightmare in school!

The Morris Fam said...

I think it's rigged!