June 4, 2008

Father-Son Campout

Taylor and the boys went on our stake's annual Father-Son Campout a few weeks ago. They had so much fun. I always imagine the men and boys roughing it out in the complete desert, getting all griming and dirty. However, when they came home to show me the pictures, I was a little surprised. It looked like a boy's idea of complete heaven.
Sleepy-eyed Benjamin first thing in the morning.

Horny-toad that became the fascination of every little boy there.

Ben was enthralled with feeding the horses there.

Jordan found the shed skin of a rattlesnake. Even though it was neat to see, the mom in me got a little nervous that snakes were even near their campsite.

I love this picture. His whole face seems to be smiling.

Even though I don't have any pictures, Hailey and I had a blast having our own "Girls' Night" here at the house. We ate lots of ice cream, rented some movies and even stayed up until 1 in the morning.
I am so blessed to have my daughter. She is the sweetest, most considerate and adorable little girl (hey...once in a while I need to brag a little).


The Pili Aiga said...

The boys looked like they had a great time. I can't believe how grown up Benjamin looks...such big beautiful eyes. Aren't nights with your daughter the best? I love those!

Jaime Lynne said...

Great pics! I am glad they all had a good time. You are so lucky to have a beautiful family.

Unguren said...

That does look like a lot of fun. Blake was sad that he couldn't go.

Cute pictures.

Tom & Rachel said...

Cute Ben. And yeah, it doesn't look too rough. And I agree that Hailey is the sweetest little girl. I would love it if Reese grew up to be as sweet as her. (I'm not counting on it considering Reese's feisty level right now.)


I LOVE father/son nights. I think it should take place monthly, at least! The whole mommy/daughter thing is great fun with just one daughter, hu? kelli

Gina said...

Hi Ginger and Taylor! I am so glad you stalked our blog. We miss you guys. We moved too over into Amy's neighborhood. Farm and Durango. I will add your blog to my list. Your kids are so BIG! Time goes by too fast.

Momoo Sherie said...

Hailey is the sweetest and the most adorable girl in the world and I love spending time with her. After all she is my favorite granddaughter. Oops, did I say that out loud. Don't tell Audrey, Clara, Skylar, or Reese. They may not believe me the next time I say it to them. They're all my favorites!