May 18, 2008

My Mother's Day

Obviously I need to post about my own personal Mother's Day. There are actually two days that consist of Mother's Day each year for me. First, of course, is Mother's Day Sunday. The second day is the Father-Son campout that happens to always be around Mother's Day. I like to say that they plan it at that time in order to help husbands give their wives an added bonus present for that special day. I know that that's not why since not everyone has as many boys as I do, but in my heart I like to think it's true.

My Mother's Day was a little different this year. Usually, the day consists of me waking up, then waking Taylor up to tell him I need to get ready for church soon, so he needs to get the kids to help him make my surprise breakfast in bed. I know this sounds odd, but I actually enjoy waking him, then being able to roll over and clock out for another half hour.

Recently I hurt my back, so I woke up in a lot of pain. Because of that, I didn't go to church, so Taylor was able to get things going a little later and we all ate downstairs. I had previously joked with Taylor that he could teach my Primary class for me that Sunday, so I could go to Relief Society. Because I ended up staying home, he did it for me anyways. What a man. He found some beautiful pink roses for me too. What I love about Taylor is that he will not only buy flowers for me, but he will cut and arrange them as well. Finally, he made dinner for all of us, my parents, and Grandpa and Dorothy.

After all that, I do have to say my favorite part of Mother's Day is the cards and gifts the kids make at school and church. That's the one time I know they really are thinking about someone else. I have very thoughtful children. Taylor never has to get them to think of anything. They are very creative and thoughtful in what they do.

I love being a mother. Now I just need to work on being a better one and deserving of the children that I've been blessed with.

I love you Jordan, Noah, Hailey & Benjamin. I love you all the matter what I may joke about otherwise. ;)



Sounds like a nice mother's day, even with a bad back. Haven't you had back problems for a while? I can't remember for sure. It makes me laugh that you wake up Taylor to get your breakfast started with the kids. So funny. My kids did it on their own, but that meant that they accidentally got strawberry jam all over my sheets, so I had to sneak them into the laundry that day (so as not to make them feel bad). kelli

The Pili Aiga said...

You did have a good day. Motherhood is the best isn't it? And you're right, I love the goodies my children make me. I have a box of all of them so when they grow up and leave me I can sit and cry as I look at it all. Very pessimistic huh ? :0) So who will win tonight? Looks like you are for Archeleta. me too. Sorry about your back problems...hope you're doing better.

Momoo Sherie said...

I'm so glad that you love being a mother! You are a great one. Your kids are the best and they are very thoughtful and fun to be around. They are all my favorites.

Sorry about American Idol. It's kind of sad that Cook won, because most of his fans were very mean and hateful on the blogs that Dad read. I think they were more passionate about him, even though it was with an attitude. Too bad because he seems like a nice guy, but a lot of his fan base are jerks. Archuleta's fans made nice comments about both Cook and Archuleta and were obviously not as passionate. Too bad when Archuleta obviously did a much better job. I'm sure they will both have great careers.

Momoo Sherie

Dave said...

Ginger, you are a great mother. I've learned so much from you. I love your sense of humor and sweet, gentle ways with your kids. Glad you had a nice mom's day. By the way, I loved the part about Taylor arranging the flowers. I can totally see him doing that AND thoroughly enjoying the process. He's the BEST.
Love, Amy

Dave said...

Dear Archuleta,
You are the biggest phony singer I have ever heard. Besides that, your breath stinks. Your growth has obviously been stunted by taking illegal performance enhancing drugs, and you're ugly. I am so glad you lost, you stinkin' Mormon!!

David Cook Fan Club
"David Cook Forever! Rock on!!!!"

Dave said...

Dear David Cook,
You are a very nice man. I admire your singing, and you are very handsome. I am sad that my boy Archie lost to you, but I was so blase about voting that I gave up after 2 votes. Oh well, good luck to you in your career. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, please stop by for dinner -- we've reserved our guest room for you and any other weary travelers. Peace to you my brother.

David Archuleta's Biggest Fan

Taylor & Ginger said...

It was rigged I tell you! Rigged! That darn blasted Simon Cowell! He messed it all up for Archie! I am still in mourning. I can't handle the loss and I'm still crying every day! (hehe)