March 4, 2008

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

One night, David & I were at Mom & Dad's house dropping off the grandkids for a sleepover. As we were searching through Mom's office for a DVD, David happened to notice a row of cookbooks on the shelf.
Right smack in the middle of all those delicious chocolate, brownie, fudge and cookie recipe books was
"The Biggest Loser" cookbook.
Ironic isn't it?


Tom & Rachel said...

That is ironic and yet not surprising!

Ginger & Taylor said...

Yes, very true. Didn't shock me, just made both of us die laughing.

Shelley & Jake said...

That is just like every women's magazine at the grocery store that says "Lose ten pounds in ten days" on the cover and has a giant picture of a chocolate cake as well. Drives me crazy!!