February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

This is probably the only picture I have of just me and Grandpa Bill. He turns 84 today.
I absolutely adore my grandpa. Ever since Grandma Cherie passed away almost 4 years ago, I've been able to get to know him better than I had the previous 32 years of my life. I never would have expected that talking to my grandpa on the phone for an hour could be comfortable, let alone enjoyable. I have learned many things from him and have enjoyed getting to know him more than just my grandpa, but as a friend.
More of what has amazed me is watching the relationship between Taylor and him grow stronger these past couple years. What started out as going to lunch just to get to know each other better a couple times a year, quickly grew to be something Taylor looked forward to at least a couple times a month or even more.
I love you Grandpa and hope you have a fantastic 84th birthday!! I love you!