November 12, 2007

Visits from Reese & Charlie

In October, we got to have our two newest cousins Reese & Charlie visit us.

Reese wasn't too thrilled being held by Hailey.

Staring Hailey down after she's been released from captivity.

Reese was more intent on checking out our dog Katie. She would follow her wherever she moved.

Unfortunately, Katie will attack you with kisses if you get within 6 inches of her face. Reese doesn't look like she's experienced this kind of affection before.

Charlie and Hailey


Tom & Rachel said...

Yippy, Reese made your blog. Hailey is so sweet. Tell her to get her BFF necklace ready because...oh dangit I just realized in the middle of writing this that you won't be there next week. Boogars!

I need a copy of that picture of Katie licking Reese's face. We went out for a walk today to look for doggies and we found one that licked Reese's face just like Katie, and Reese of course stuck her tongue right out for the dog to lick too. So gross!

Shelley & Jake said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Katie licking Reese's face is too funny!

Ginger & Taylor said...

She kept sticking her tongue out to kiss him too. Wish I could have taken a picture as well of that one.