November 12, 2007

Family Picnic

Every year, we get together with our extended family to catch up on each other's lives. I can name my cousins, but I couldn't even try to guess the names of their children.

Everyone chatting and eating. It didn't seem like as many people showed up this year. I wish they would because these picnics are much less stress to attend than the Christmas party.

Jordan & Noah playing a game of football.

Noah loves the babies......especially when they hold still like Charlie always does.

Hailey & Audrey eating together in the car.

Dadoo holding his newest grandchild Charlie.

Ben tried to figure this shovel out, but he ended up giving up and pushing dirt by hand into the scoop.

The "Koch Test" is always fun to perform, especially when others are around who haven't experienced it. They always freak out.


Tom & Rachel said...

Ahh, yes, I'm so sad I missed the awkward family picnic where nobody knows each other's names. haha No, it looks like it was fun. Those are cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

We missed this one. and believe me we have heard about not being there. We got a email from Grandpa Bill. We will make the next one. ANd we will be at the Christmas party. The picnic's are fun, but you are right I know very few kids names.

the Koch's said...

Cute pictures. I think Noah and Charlie have a similar look... might have something to do with the fuzzy blonde hair! I guess I should not feel too bad for not knowing everyone's name at the picnic. Good ole Grandpa Bill for for keeping the family together though!!

Shelley & Jake said...

Charlie reminds me of Noah too! And, yes, I am terribly sad to have missed the family picnic. It's nice that Richard does those albums that identify everyone. I don't spend enough time studying them, though.

Ginger & Taylor said...

Yeah, I notice the similarity as well! The little round faces, the fuzzy blonde hair. They look like they could be brothers that's for sure.