May 17, 2009

Lied Museum (a.k.a. - The Petri Dish)

At the height of the Swine Flu panic, we decided to take all the kids to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum downtown. As with all hands-on museums, especially this being mainly for children, we all felt like we needed a shower when we left. However, we all had a ton of fun there. 

Ben & Rachel playing basketball in a square hoop.

My three beautiful boys.....ahem, I mean handsome.
(I just noticed the bottom of Noah's crutch is on his face.  Yuck!!!)

Way too cool for this stuff.

Hailey and Ashley changing the direction the water flows for the rubber ducky.
(Notice the crystal clear water they were playing with?  The girl who worked there said it's always clean in the morning, but ends up looking this way by the end of the day.)

You can make huge bubbles like this at the different stations.

Ben playing in the bubbles with Momoo Mike.

There was a demonstration of liquid nitrogen and how it affects different objects.  Benjamin was completely fascinated with this.

Showing off the hard marshmallows given out for samples.
(Taylor kept commenting on how gross this was with all the dirty hands grabbing marshmallows off the cookie sheet.  Funny how he ended up going back a few times.)

Hailey trying to pull her body weight up in the air.

This spinning wheel that demonstrates the centrifugal force could have entertained everyone for hours.

Jared, Nicole's husband, is always cracking us up.  Having three girls, they're no stranger to Hannah Montana.  Again, this being "swine flu season", he came up with a song to dedicate to our outing.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Shelby thought Jordan was pretty cool at the picnic.

Lindsey said...

I feel the same way- I love to go to places like that, but feel like I need a complete scrub down afterwards.

Amy said...

I need to take my kids there. I've only lived in this town 14 years with like 3 family friendly things to do!

jennaloha said...

Whoa your kids are old. I guess that does happen when 3 years go by without seeing them :)