March 18, 2009

Target.....a Heaven on Earth

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On 215 & Deer Springs Road a new Target opened.  I was thrilled since I absolutely LOVE target.  It's especially great because it's clean and new.  Even the carts are a new type of cart....plastic and so light....very easy to move.  This is the first time I've seen such a large food section in one of these stores.  
I only had about an hour to shop before I had to pick up kids from school, but the deals I did find were awesome!  A case of Marketplace water is $1 (regularly $4.00....limit 2) Kraft Mac & Cheese is $.39 (regularly $ limit), & Goldfish crackers (6.6 oz for $1, down from $1.90 I limit).  These are just a few, but I'm sure there are many more.  

Since I was so nice to Taylor on Valentine's Day, maybe he'll oblige me this one time and take me here for our Friday night date.


Rachel B. said...

I love Target too. A little too much actually. So is it a Super Target? I can't believe a case of water was only $1. I would have been all over that.