July 29, 2008


Jordan & Noah are up in Utah & Idaho with Mamoo Mike for about 10 days. I didn't think I would actually get to a point where I wished they were here. Ben needs constant interaction, and unfortunately I'm only able to be entertaining for so long. Hailey's also bored because her friends are on vacation.

I was having one of those contemplative mornings (I'm actually able to do that with only two kids here right now), and realized that I've hit that stage in my life where my children's hormones are starting to kick in. I knew this would happen at some point, but not quite this soon. Jordan told me that he made a goal of finding 30 "Hot Girls" while he was on his trip with Grandma. Oh please! Noah just laughs, thank goodness. He's not as vocal about liking girls. I'm not sure that he even cares at this point.

Thanks to the Disney channel, Hailey is completely obsessed with Zac Effron and The Jonas Brothers...especially Joe (far right). It's funny when any of these boys comes on the television. She giggles really loud and hides her face because she doesn't want us to see her reaction. She even ran out of the room giggling when she saw what I was posting about.

I don't remember really getting into cute guys until I was older than that. Maybe I don't remember correctly though. Oooo, Rick Springfield was so cute & Duran Duran, especially the bassist John Taylor. Getting so excited when their songs would play. Pretending with my cousins that we were married to them. I even got to go to a Rick Springfield concert. I was probably 10 years old and I went with just a friend.


How in the world did I ever get that one past Mom? I would never allow Jordan to go to a concert at his age with just a friend. Times have definitely changed, but I digress.

So as I sit here, thinking about my children and their obsessions, I realize I don't need to worry. If Hailey wants Jonas Brothers posters up in her room, I'll let her. If Jordan talks about a "hot girl" at his school, oh well. I survived my crushes and think I turned out pretty normal, so I'm pretty sure they'll be alright as well.


Lindsey said...

Isn't that funny- I'm really not looking forward to the day when all the male hormones kick in around her either- it's scary!!


Yep, I figure as long as the pictures on their bedroom walls are fully dressed, everything is good! My 2 crushes were Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox. Johnny still isn't too bad, but Michael??? Hormones...I think we must have them to keep life interesting. kelli

The Pili Aiga said...

I was laughing at your post...especially your Rick Springfield picture. My guess is it's totally normal....every one of us had crushes :0) lol The clue on my life should've been the fact that my crushes were Erik Estrada (the latino guy on CHIPS) and Ralph Machio (the Karate Kid). Is that funny or what?

Nicole said...

"normal" is very relative!! Only kidding!

Momoo Sherie said...

Oh my goodness! Guess who was on Regis and Kellie yesterday? Old, Rick. He's still pretty cute. I'll put it on DVD for you.

Sorry Hailey, I didn't know you loved the Jonas brothers or I would have saved that recording for you. I'm still working on the Miley Cyrus connection for you. Does anyone know who Miley's favorite group is? Yes, of course, it's the Killers. Lisa, if you read this maybe you can get Ronnie to hook some of the young nieces up with backstage passes next time Miley comes to town.

Ginger and Taylor said...

I'm not exactly still in love with him Mom. I don't think I need that tape of Rick. I'll never watch it. I got over that crush a LONG time ago.

Now...if you have tape of Johnny Depp or Patrick Dempsey, I may watch it ;)

thecustercrew said...

We can totally relate to teenage hormones at our house. It seems the kids just grow up way to fast. But I totally remember my crush of the members of Duran Duran. It is true we all survived. Our kids will too.

Amy said...

We need to talk about these horomones...I hope you're coming to lunch. By the way, I love your feet in sand picture. It makes it look like your family is huge! (so many feet)