March 29, 2008

An Enchanted Party

Rachel and her daughter Reese came into town to visit. While here, Mom had the fantastic idea of having an Enchanted Princess Sleepover for the princess cousins who were in town. Since the movie had just come out, and it's definitely a favorite in our family, I thought it was a great idea.
Hailey and I have been trying out cake making, so we decided to try one out for the party. I literally had 10 minutes to whip up some frosting and decorate the cake, so I was impressed (and a little shocked) at how well it turned out.

Queen Mom showing off her fine jewelry.

Princess Reese trying on her boa, jewels and tiara.

Princess Hailey posing for the camera.

Princess Clara is such a doll. She definitely knows how to work the camera.

The banquet was delicious ( dogs!)

The Queen Mothers.

(Princes Jordan, Bradley, Noah, Mason & Benjamin)

The boys didn't get invited, but unfortunately were able to crash the party since their rides weren't able to leave yet.
All in all, it was such a cute idea and the girls absolutely loved it. Thanks Mom for hosting such a spectacular event!


Shelley & Jake said...

yay, what a fun party! We are sad to have missed it. Everyone looks adorable!