August 1, 2007

School Spelling Bee

Noah sitting in line on the bench waiting for his turn.

Up in front of the principal for one of his words. He looks so relaxed. I think my nerves took more of a beating than his did.

Noah won 1st place for 2nd grade!!!! They even moved on to the "Challenge Words" for 4th grade in order to weed through the kids a little faster. We are so proud of him! Great job Noah!!!!!


Tom & Rachel said...

That's awesome! Smarty! I am so impressed Noah! Remember when Jacob did that televised one and he mispelled the word "gopher"? Poor guy just had a total mind blank.

Anonymous said...

That is so great. He is such a smart guy. Tell him we said congratulations!

the Koch's said...

Looks like Noah got the Koch spelling genes. Nora's family calls me the 'Koch Police' because I pointed out a couple of funny misspellings in their blogs once and now they're all paranoid. Keep up the good work Noah!!!

T & G Caron said...

Yes, Taylor is the same way. He has me spellcheck e-mails all the time. I've noticed several commercials that misspell words. Taylor says "only you would notice things like that." Yes, Dad instilled such a fine quality in us all. I'm so proud. :)

Momoo Sherie said...

Great job Noah! I need you to come to my store and be my spell checker. Most of the people there can't spell.
It's funny how everyone in the family remembers goffer(oops, I mean gopher).