June 22, 2007

Nicole & Jared's House in Rexburg

We visited Taylor's sister Nicole and her family in Rexburg, Idaho in June. It was good for the kids and I to have somewhere to go on their track break from school. Nicole's house is beautiful and even has a picture-perfect view of the new Rexburg Temple out their family room window. I should have taken a picture of it. It's amazing how close it actually is to their home.
Obsession with the Nintendo DS's ran high at the Burt's house. We needed to eventually hide them from the kids in order for them to go play outside.
Jordan's new thing is to either make faces at the camera or to try to do something funny to someone else in the picture. Basically the wording on his t-shirt says it all.

Rachel is the Burt's youngest who turned 3 while we were visiting. She is soooo adorable and will pose for the camera whenever she has a chance.

Rachel's party. Notice the google-eyes she and Jordan are giving each other. She is fascinated by Jordan for some reason. Doesn't look like Jordan dislikes it very much either.

Ben got a little bored with the unwrapping of presents, since they weren't balls or cars. His 3rd love.....cheesing it up for the camera.