June 22, 2007


This was Ben's first time bowling. These pictures show how much Ben enjoyed his first shot.

Once he realized that the balls would actually be coming back, he got a little more into it.

The others had a considerably less traumatic time that day.


Tom & Rachel said...

Ginga-marie (that's supposed to be said in that soft sultry french sort of way we say it)! I am very proud of you for REALLY joining the world of blogging. Those pictures are the best. I love that Ben cried while he was bowling! He's hilarious. I also love the picture of Rachel staring at Jordan. That's so funny. And I also want to tell you that your kids are the smartest, most attractive children ever and that they should be models and in movies. Reese can probably show them a few modelling moves. (I'm sure you know, but I'm referring to that friend of mine who thinks her kids are the most amazing. Not quite funny now that I had to explain it.) Okay, I need to quit typing because it's late and I don't know what I'm saying anymore.