October 20, 2010

Soccer Time!

Primary Soccer has started  again this year.  Ben is SO excited to be playing, since he wasn't old enough last year to participate.  Each week is a countdown until the next Thursday for him.

Before the game, it's social time.
Once the game begins, he's in complete concentration mode with the tongue in the cheek.
Mom used to call soccer "bunch ball" because it always looks like a little bunch of kids moving up and down the field with the ball.  I completely see why.

 Before his first game, Noah told him he'd give him a dollar if he got a goal.  This incentive isn't in effect anymore however, or he'd be completely broke.
I'm so proud of how well he's doing in soccer.  He's always had a good kick, and he never stops running at home (& I mean never), so this obviously is the sport for him.  



I sure have good memories of sitting next to you on the sidelines cheering on Zac and Noah. Good times, I tell yu, good times.