July 18, 2010

Carrie!! (take 2)

(My loving hubby so kindly "published" this post while it was sitting unfinished on the computer, instead of "saving". The following is actually what I was wanting to initially publish.)

Last year, a number of Hailey's friends were raving about how they got to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert. It hurt her feelings, and she felt very jealous, but I asked her of anyone who performs, who would she rather see? I knew the answer, but wanted to hear it straight from her mouth. The problem was, Carried Underwood hadn't been touring, so she'd have to wait.

Then, in October of this year, I heard she was coming to Vegas. So I jumped on the computer & snagged a couple of tickets to see the concert. My plan was to give it to her for her birthday. However, her birthday wasn't for four more months. It was hard keeping it from her, and even harder telling her I didn't know if we could go when she'd ask if I'd bought tickets yet. Then her birthday arrived. It had been so long since I bought them, I completely spaced that I had them. So, even though it was few days after the fact, she opened her birthday present. I wish I could have had her reaction on film. She talked about it all the time, and even though the concert wasn't for another few months, the excitement never died. Even though I took tons of pictures & video, here's just a sample......

Displaying the shirt she made before the concert.

Julie (my sis), Mom, Hailey & I on our way out.

Craig Morgan was one of her opening acts. I didn't recognize his name, but I recognized a ton of his songs from the radio.

This was another opening act. I don't even remember their name. They were not exactly our favorite. Julie even studied her medical book for class during their act. One song's chorus just wore out our nerves. In order to have fun with it, Julie got gansta with it.

Her opening number was Cowboy Casanova. Seriously, her voice is amazing! She sounds JUST like she does on the radio/albums. You know how there are people that just don't sing well live (ahem Taylor Swift)? Not her!!!

At one point, she came out singing on the back of a "flying" pickup. It was cool just having her get so close for Hailey to see her better. I purposely took this picture with Hailey's face in the corner, so you could see how close she was here.

Many random pics I took of Julie & I. Couldn't seem to get a good one.

Finally a decent one!!!

Hailey's prized Carrie concert shirt.


Lindsey said...

Oh how fun!!! I think that's so fun that you guys were all able to go together.

Katie said...

okay, don't think I'm dumb but I thought you had some story related or to be compared to the movie-yikes! I know, I need to get out more but all my friends are in Vegas

P.S-With that in mind, I thought the post would have involved Ben or Jordan since there the ones who push your buttons the most.

Ginger and Taylor said...

LOL Katie! :P