July 1, 2009

My Latest Passion

In February, Noah needed to make a cake for his Blue & Gold dinner. We brainstormed until we finally came up with an idea to make one look like a cheeseburger. We got so into it that it ended up looking better than we thought it might.

That being said, it turned me on to making cakes. I'm surprised at how involved it can really be and also how messy it makes my kitchen. However, I am loving learning about all the different ways to make cakes.

My family has asked to see pictures of the cakes I've made, so I decided to stick it all in one post.

The "Cheeseburger" cake

Bumblebee cake

Hailey's 8th birthday cake.
She loves coming up with ideas and seeing if we can make them come to pass.

"Baptism Dress" for Hailey's baptism day
(I was so upset I forgot to take a picture before we cut it)

Cake I made for the cake class Hailey & I took. I loved learning flowers and basketweave.

A "Tie" for my dad for Father's Day

My brother loves golf, so I decided to make him a big golf ball cake for his birthday (front).


You can see the size better in this picture.


Rachel B. said...

Ging, that's awesome! I seriously love them all. When I'm in town next you'll have to give me a lesson. So very talented.

Anonymous said...

Ginger they are all so cute. I think you need to give us all lessons. I have seen big cupcake cakes and have wanted to try one but never have. So cute.

Nicole said...

U R the offical cake lady in the caron fam. OK? Just be sure to be in Idaho for all our birthdays;)

Samantha said...

So talented Ginger! You should start up your own business!

Shelley said...

Wow, Ginger! That is impressive. I do a very shabby cake job for my kids' birthdays each year. I wish I loved it, but it is so hard to watch all of that effort get eaten!!!

Michael...Midol....Punky....Mido the Sugar Bear Punky....Twitcher....Cheetoh Eater said...

I told you that you should start your own business up because I think you would kill it!!


'Cake Boss'....the best show ever! I sure wish we lived closer and I'd hire you to make my kids' birthday cakes. I've tried so many times, and things just never turn out the way I hoped!

Alli grins said...

Wow! I'm so impressed, Ginger! Have you taken any classes or are you just naturally gifted? I love the cheeseburger cake. I'm inspired!

marijke said...

Ginger, They are not only beautiful cakes, they taste great too! You are a natural!