August 29, 2008

I Love School!!!

I took this picture on the first day of school last year. Check out how thrilled Jordan is to be starting school again.

This was taken on their last day of school in July. Notice the huge difference in their faces. Jordan was so excited to be moving out of elementary school that he REALLY dressed up by wearing a black button-down shirt. He looked great!

Hailey had Ms. Roach for 1st Grade. I absolutely ADORED her. She was so much fun with her class and really had a great sense of humor with the parents. I could have spent all day in the classroom sometimes.

Taylor & I really contemplated whether or not to advance Noah to the next grade, but she made his adjustment to the new class so smooth for him. She made me feel so much better about our decision when she told me at the end of the year that it was the right thing to do. He "fit" in this grade much better than 3rd.

I couldn't get a shot of Jordan and his teacher Ms. Henderson. This is him at his 5th grade Promotion program. We are so proud at how much he accomplished this year.

Hailey & Noah are both excited to have the teachers they are assigned to this year. Noah is the big man on campus this year in 5th grade & Hailey is in 2nd grade.

Jordan is in his first year of Middle School. He is so excited to being starting such a different experience and he really adjusted well the first week. I'm thrilled that they have uniforms at this school. They look so much nicer in these polos, plus dressing him is a LOT cheaper this way.

Ben was so excited to have his brothers home at the end of the first day of school. There is always entertainment when they are around.


Rachel said...

I just love how different they all are. Jordan seems like he's always been Mr. Cool who just likes school for the social part. I remember when he was in kindergarten and he told me how much he hated school. I just had to laugh because man if you hate kindergarten then you're in for a long road ahead! And I think it sounds like the Noah grade jump was smart. I mean he physically looks like he belongs in that grade anyway. And of course my little BFF I love her. Tell her I think she looks cute and stylin' with her piggies. She's such a cute little lady!

P.S. I come to town this Sunday.

Ginger and Taylor said...

Yay!!! I miss you! How long will you be here?

Amy said...

I didn't hear that you bumped Noah up! Way to go, Noah! He's so mature, in addition to being smart, and TALL that I'm sure he'll do great. Jordan looks like he needs to be bumped up, too--I can't believe how old he seems these days. He seems more like a 9th grader sometimes, don't you think? I love the change in Hailey over a year's time. We had so much fun at the girl's sleep-over. She's a hoot.

Rachel said...

I'll be there from Sunday to Saturday. Ah yeah!