May 3, 2008

I'm Tagged


1. Post the rules
2. Answer all the questions about yourself
3. After you are done posting, tag 5 people

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Nothing very exciting. I was married, Jordan was 1 and I was pregnant with Noah. We were living in the condo I had bought before I met Taylor and we were looking into buying our first real home.

2. Five things on your to do list today.

+ Catch up on blogging
+ Help Taylor out in backyard, getting the flowers in
+ Drain water heater
+ Laundry (when isn’t that on my list?)
+ Make bread

3. Snacks I enjoy.

Hailey once said, “What if everything bad for you was really good for you like ice cream and chocolate? And then everything good for you like celery and broccoli was really bad for you?” Oh to dream. Then I doubt I’d have to worry about my weight anymore.
I could probably live off of chocolate (preferably Reese’s), Diet Coke, and homemade bread with butter and be perfectly content.

4. What would I do if I was suddenly a billionaire?

+ Get out of debt
+ Buy a brand new Sequoia
+ Build a custom home up in the hills of Northern Utah, with a nice big yard
+ Have someone else clean my house....since my home will be nice and big
+ Put away money for savings, missions, college, weddings, etc.

5. Three bad habits.

+ I have the Koch sarcasm gene – I just wish I had a delay button in my head like on the radio. That way I could keep some of my comments that immediately come out of my mouth from ever seeing the light of day.
+ Staying up too late watching forensics shows - I am completely amazed at how criminals think they can get away with their crimes due to the technological advances they have in forensics. I just love it when they get the bad guy!
+ Picking zits - My boys are already developing a few little ones, and so I've been zoning in on them whenever I get a chance. Jordan recently told me that I don't know what it feels like to have someone pick at my face. Ummmm, let's to any of my brothers and sisters and see if Mom picked at us to death. The two major habits I got from my mom: Being very particular about how laundry is done and picking every bump imaginable on my kids and/or husband.

6. Five places I've lived.

+ Provo, UT
+ Salt Lake City, UT
+ Las Vegas, NV
+ Provo, UT (BYU)
+ and finally…back to Las Vegas again.

7. Five jobs I've had.....

+ Runner - for my dad’s law office
+ Day Care “teacher” - I’m still not sure why it was called a teacher. I’m more likely to call it a babysitter
+ Census Worker - took 1990 census going around to different homes my first summer home from college
+ Custodial Engineer (hehe) - at BYU’s Bean Museum and the Wilkinson Center. The Bean Museum was pretty neat to clean. However, the times that I had to clean downstairs didn't thrill me. That was where the curator's rooms were. You'd never know from day to day what kind of animal would be there in the middle of being skinned and put on the form. The smell of those rooms is a less than desirable scent as well.
+ Teacher - I taught 2 years 5th grade and ½ year 4th grade until I had Jordan.

8. Five things that people don't know about me.

+ I am afraid of the dark - This has always been a problem for me….ever since childhood.
+ I don’t like going in the ocean - I think Jaws really ruined a lot of lives. My kids don’t understand how something so “fake” could scare me. Hey! It sure seemed real to me back then.
+ I love baking bread - I know that some people already know this, but a friend of mine taught me how to bake bread last year. It was something I always wanted to learn, but thought it has to be just too hard to do. Once I learned, I realized how little work it involved. My entire family loves it.
+ I am VERY uptight when it comes to doing laundry - I think it is one of my biggest peeves when people wash random clothes together. I was taught to put laundry into piles: darks, reds, lights, towels, whites. I also am pretty anal about folding laundry. Everything has to be folded a certain way. I think my husband loves this because it means he will probably never have to be any bit of laundry in his life.
+ I love taking pictures - With cameras as advanced as they are, I have really been fascinated by photography. I'm not saying I'm the greatest photographer, but I absolutely love taking pictures. I think this is why I get so into blogging as well.

Okay, that's all comes to me right now. I am not quite sure who to tag, since I've noticed most of my friends have been tagged already. So, I guess I'm tagging my family members who have blogs. That would be David, Amy, Adam, Nora, Jacob, Shelley, Rachel, Tom, Michael, Mom, Dad, Marijke and Nicole. I list quite a few because I am very certain only a couple of you will actually do it. :)


Shelley & Jake said...

I didn't know you got into baking bread! I was so spoiled growing up - we pretty much only ate homemade bread. Unfortunately for my fam, I haven't followed in my mother's footsteps in this regard. I only like homemade bread the first couple days and I'm just not willing to bake it that often or clean my kitchen afterward. Still, I haven't managed to appreciate store bought bread either, so that means no sandwiches for me unless I decide to bake!

Ginger & Taylor said...

I'll teach you how to make it one day. I really used to think there was a lot of time invested in making bread. I've learned little tricks to make it go fast and not have a big mess to clean up. I have been spoiled into not enjoying store bought bread anymore. There's nothing like the real thing.

Momoo Sherie said...

When Shelley comes to town at the end of the month, let's have a bread making class. You two can bring your recipes and teach me. I'm supposed to get a grinder for Mother's Day.

The Pili Aiga said...

Thanks for doing the tag Ginger...I loved learning more about you :) We really should get together for would be fun!


You??? Sarcastic??? That's what I love about you! It makes me laugh, so whatever comes to mind, just say it! kelli


Isn't it cool to eat bread that you actually KNOW what's in it? I love it too. So much healthier! kelli

Tom & Rachel said...

Yeah for zit picking! I didn't know you were afraid of the dark. Hmmm...I'll have to figure out some sort of payback for all those years of freaking me out with your giant clown eyes. MUHAHAHAHA!!! I love love love that picture of Ben on your side bar. It makes me laugh every time I see it. He's pretty stinkin' cute.

Ginger & Taylor said...

That picture cracks me up too. He had just woken up and we rushed over to the school to get his picture taken. He looks somewhat overly happy in his eyes. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw that picture.