March 7, 2008

Jordan FINALLY Gets His Hair Cut

At the beginning of the school year, Jordan asked me if it would be okay to grow his hair longer for "Crazy Hair Day". I was fine with it, given that it was within limits. I thought for sure he would drop the subject and we'd deal with it when the time came. Each and every haircut, he reminded me that he was going to grow his hair out in January. I cringed at the thought of it. His hair is so thick and wavy that it has a hard time keeping from looking messy.
Finally February arrived. I couldn't wait to chop it all off. I teased him incessantly about cutting it short. I called the school to find out exactly which day they were having crazy hair day. She read me the list......and what do you know......NO CRAZY HAIR DAY!! Are you kidding me?! All this fuss over raggedy hair for nothing. So anyways, we ended up working it into "Wear your favorite shirt with writing on it" Day.
Now that that's over with, it's officially short. Yay!
By the way.......Thank you Michael for doing this for him. He was so proud of his fantastic new hairdo. Even if it was for one day.


Anonymous said...

I love the hair. :) Isn't it great having hairdressers in the family. Amy is always willing to come over and cut the girls hair for me. She just cut some bangs for my little Robin. Now if I could only style them like Amy does.