February 7, 2008

The Koch Animal Farm

A couple weeks ago, Spot, the stray that showed up at my parent's door about 10 years ago, had to be put down. Poor guy suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down, and no one knew why. I felt badly for my parents because this dog was one of, if not their favorite pet. Probably also a little more difficult now that the commotion of children is not in their home anymore. My children were a mess when I told them what had happened, so we went over the night before to could say goodbye.
I was talking to Mom one day, and she and Dad had been trying to remember all the pets they had over the years. We started digging through pictures to try to make sure there were none we missed. Because it was always such an animal farm around that house, I'm sure there are a few we forgot. Scooter is in this list somewhere. He's the dog that would bite Adam when he was a toddler (thus the reason why we have no pictures of him). Here are some of the photos that we found. For those of you who were fans of the rabbits, hamsters and hermit crabs, I'm sorry that they are not included in this list.

Wookie (first dog)
Wookie & Cuddles
(only picture of this cat I could find.... it didn't last long)
Wiggles & Waggles with Michael
(we gave away Wiggles & Waggles later became Sugar)

Tiger (pre-chub days)
Sugar & Tiger
(a.k.a. - fat cat days....before being forced to lose
some weight while trapped in our trailer)
Snowball & Tiger
Taffy & Licorice when puppies
Rachel & Cosmo
Licorice & Taffy
I just love how raggedy everyone looks while holding the animals.
Sugar & Cosmo look especially thrilled to pose for the picture.
Hailey & Tammy
Thumper & Adam
(I mainly put this picture in to show off the stylin' do Adam had)
One of the many rabbits Julie acquired. I have no idea what any of their names are. I think this is maybe Cleo? Don't bother correcting me if I'm wrong, since I'll end up forgetting it's name by tomorrow.
(The dog that Mom ended up giving to Grandma Theresa)
Lucy (a.k.a. - Outside Cat)
This is a cat that shows up at my parents door begging for food. They've basically adopted it as their own. Julie named this cat Lucifer since it was mean and would bite anyone who tried to pet it. Now it's affectionately named Lucy for short. Daisy (Golden Retriever) & Brown Cat (aka - Lilly, Muffy, Inside Cat, basically everyone had their own name for the cat). Spot
The kids wanted to go over to say goodbye to him.


Tom & Rachel said...

I love it! And thank you for cropping the picture of me with Cosmo. We wouldn't want to turn your blog into a porn site. :) I know one animal you're for sure missing. Dumbo Esquante.

Ginger & Taylor said...

Yes, Dumbo, Dumbo, Dumbo. A.K.A. - the mean cat. I couldn't find a picture of that farthead cat, so no harm done. I forgot you added the Esquante on the end. Ahh the memories :).

Dave said...

Thanks, Ginger. Now I have a visual association with all these animals I've heard so much about over the years. I have one question though...Does anyone have a recollection of Dave being even the slightest bit involved in any of their lives? So telling he's not in any of these pictures, huh? Hmmm...I'm still trying to figure out his animal aversion. To think he came from a home where animals were so loved, and grew to loathe them so.

Shelley & Jake said...

Wow. To me the most amazing part about this is that they also raised seven kids. I like animals and would really love to have a dog. But with only two kids and a husband, by the end of the day I don't want another living creature needing my attention!

Shelley & Jake said...

PS Rachel, I just noticed how strategically placed that cat is! Very nice!

Also, Ginger, you must have an awesome scanner. These pictures look great!