December 1, 2007

Our Backyard

We have decided to finally start working on our backyard. Since it's pretty big, it's been taking us a while to get around to it. One weekend we had a few large piles of fill dirt and rocks delivered to our home.

Benjamin found these piles as yet ANOTHER useful way of terrorizing me. One day I looked out back and saw him about waist-high to the top of the brick wall, throwing rocks over. Not that throwing rocks and possibly hitting passing cars were bad enough. I could just imagine him thinking it would be fun to try to climb over.

After I calmed down a bit, I decided I needed to get a shovel out and start digging the back slope of this pile about a foot lower. The following pictures are the result. I found it sort of amusing when I thought of cars driving by, seeing a little two year-old peeking his big head over the wall.