December 13, 2007

Bowling in Idaho

I love bowling up in Idaho. We can go basically anytime we want to. There are no casinos to hike through, so you end up stinking like smoke. Much more fun to not stink I believe.
Noah won this sweet hat from arcade tickets. It reminds me of the Dick Tracy movie.

Jordan has a flying move when he bowls.

Taylor & Jared

Hailey & Rachel

Benjamin had a much different attitude towards bowling this year. He even learned to pick the ball up, carry it without dropping (with a few exceptions), and push it down the lane all by himself. He would even stand there the ENTIRE time, waiting for the ball to hit the pins.


JmeLea said...

I love that you took photos from the front angle to capture their personalities. Clever. Do you scrap? When am I going to get you to scrap?!

Tom & Rachel said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love the ones of Ben especially. What a little character.