October 27, 2007

Halloween Time Again

One of the most fun, yet most dreaded times of the year for me is Halloween. It's fun to pick out all the goofy costumes, but not fun to deal with the massive amounts of candy that go through our home. True I like chocolate, but trying to keep my kids from overdosing on it during the next few weeks is very exhausting.
Hailey finally opted for something other than a princess costume. I was so excited she chose this one because I always wanted to dress like this for Halloween when I was a kid.

Noah is always such a good sport when it comes to choosing costumes. When he tried on this basketball player costume, we knew it was the one. He especially loves the fro, but he wouldn't agree to put a pick in it.

Jordan made me realize how close I am to having a teenager. He wants to go for a "cool" look that his friends will admire. For the past two years I've tried to get him to be Napoleon Dynamite because he's got the look and the build.
Instead, this year he went for his own creation . . . . we ended up naming him "The Unfortunate Skateboarder".

The gang


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Halloween? My kids are so excited this year they have a real neighborhood to trick or treat in. Your kids look so cute. I love Noah's costume. Too Funny!